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The Idea

After a long time away, we (Sarah and Mike) returned to Scotland in 2018 and Skydancer was born a year later. 


Sitting on an island in South Uist Skydancer is the only coffee roasters in the Outer Hebrides.


The Coffee


Our vision is to supply the finest and freshest coffee  - roasted in the Hebridean air by the side of the Atlantic ocean.  

We roast quality beans in small batches, little and often, to keep the coffee in your cup as fresh as we can. 

The Name

The spring courtship display of the male Hen Harrier is called skydancing. 


Uist is a safe home for Hen Harriers.  In other parts of the UK they are illegally persecuted and killed which will in time diminish the numbers seen here on these isles.


SkyDancer will always donate a percentage of proceeds to protecting these most beautiful raptors.


The Look

As well as being a coffee roaster, Mike is  a photographer of some renown. 


All Skydancer labels use his 'stripe' images of the which are abstracts of Outer Hebrides landscapes.  

To find out more on prints, exhibitions etc, visit

 An Solas Òir 

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