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Why SkyDancer?

Well we think it is a great name, and some of you will be wondering where the name comes from. The ideal subject for our first blog post we thought....

The SkyDancer Roastery is located on South Uist in the Outer Hebrides which is one of the best places in the UK to see Hen Harriers - one of the UK's most beautiful birds. Flying low and slow over the bogs and machair, the pale grey body and black tipped wings make this elegant bird both distinctive and magical. In the spring the male can be seen performing his courtship ritual, he repeatedly rises steeply before turning, tumbling and falling downwards and acrobatically rising again in what is described as sky dancing

Male Hen Harrier aka SkyDancer (©

Regrettably, in much of mainland UK, the Hen Harrier is persecuted heavily, and illegally, by those involved in driven Grouse shooting. The Hen Harriers are shot, trapped and nests are destroyed. We, and many like us, think that these criminal acts have to stop.

To recognise this special bird and its place in Uist we have named the company SkyDancer. We will also be donating a percentage of profits to Hen Harrier conservation in South Uist and other local causes.

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