We returned to Scotland in 2018 and  it seemed intuitive to move to South Uist which we did during the Winter  of 2019.  It's haunting beauty and the renowned kindness and acceptance of the local community meant there could be no other place.  


Drawing on our past experiences  we decided to focus on providing a unique and bespoke product.  It was very important to us not to displace any existing business on the Islands but rather to compliment those already established, and after many months planning SkyDancer Art Cafe and Roastery was born.

About us


about The coffee

At SkyDancer we roast our coffee in a small batch, hand made, drum roaster on Gasaigh Island.   We consider every batch of greens and then treat them with the respect they deserve, paying close attention to origin, location, climate and drying methods. We  then serve our coffee from a handmade  brewing machine.  


This method of brewing combined with the way we hand roast  brings out the nuances in each individual coffee bean and ensures that the natural flavours are brought to the cup. 

We sample and tinker constantly to make sure our craft is always moving and evolving, the ultimate aim being, to provide our customers with the best cup of coffee and to pass on our knowledge so that satisfaction is guaranteed.  

We sell our coffee as beans or ground to your exact specification using our speciality Italian grinder which can grind to 88 different grades.

For those wanting a bespoke blend we offer a consultation service to determine what coffee is required  and for what purpose.  


giving back

We don't think that a business should be run purely for profit, we believe in working with the community, supporting each other, giving consideration to and being aware of local environmental concerns.

SkyDancer gives a percentage of profit to Hen Harrier conservation and we support local causes whenever we can.  We also have a blend in store that donates a percentage of proceeds to local charities.

Being nice isn't difficult.


Treading lightly

At SkyDancer we look to produce as little waste as we possibly can.  We try to re-use and re-purpose packaging that comes to us.  


 When we do have to use new materials we source biodegradable/compostable packaging and plastic free wherever possible.